Welcome to Stories From The Mural. This website is the story of John Wismont, a local San Diego artist who created a mural of portraits of famous personalities in San Diego’s history on the walls of the historic Louis Bank Building in San Diego’s Gaslamp District.

Over the years the restaurant space located at the ground floor entrance to the building has been operated by several local celebrities including former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock.
In 1998 Roger Hedgecock commissioned John to create portraits of the people important to the history of San Diego.

Because the restaurant business is an ever changing and evolving industry there is a real possibility that John’s mural depicting San Diego’s history will be destroyed as new operators take over the space and and their own themes and styles. This website, the pictures and video are an attempt to preserve the art work first commissioned by Roger Hedgecock and completed by John Wismont.

San Diego history depicted in portraits